AACA President’s Message

AACA President Message (2018)

The Aircraft Armament Chiefs Association (AACA) is approaching their seventh year as a non-profit 501(c)3 association and it has been an interesting journey.  This idea of the AACA took a lot of people to put the thoughts together to create such a venue.  The AACA continues to strive to become better than when we first started.  Hell!  We now raffle whisky decanter sets virtually.  Who would have thought of us doing that seven years ago? 

The AACA continues to support the Kebil Scholarship, which I highly recommend to support as well as prepare for this upcoming year.  A simple application and an essay is all it takes.  I would like to pass along that if you know some active duty Chiefs, to have them pass along it down to their people.   I am hearing the word is not out about this scholarship which is amazing. 

This year, we are entering into some new projects and possible grant applications.  The projects would be focused towards our career field and engaging with military museums.  Grants application would be the same, but would be asking for funding to support these projects which include our heritage, career field, and significant events that one of our members supported.  We have connected with the Air Force Armament Museum and continue to seek additional connections with the Enlisted Museum.  The next five years will be to enhance our career field heritage among these avenues. 

I just wanted to pass along a sincere message to all the members and the fellow weapons personnel who keep the AACA informed, continue to support, and provide the recommendations needed for growth.  I do hope to see you at the 2018 Reunion with a tilted glass in hand honoring what we all stood for as Aircraft Armament Systems Specialists.


Michael D. Lucchesi

AACA President