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The purpose of the AACA shall be to encourage and facilitate camaraderie amongst all Aircraft Armament Chiefs; to provide useful services to the membership and the Aircraft Armament Community; and to promote the welfare of their dependents, survivors, and the Aircraft Armament Community by:

a) Preserving our aircraft armament heritage; respecting our history and our presence, and continuing the comradeship of our brotherhood.

b) Maintaining the historical value and honor of the Aircraft Armament career field.

c) Assistance and active involvement in the Aircraft Armament Community.

d) Remaining in touch with members through correspondence, by organizing and conducting periodic reunions, social events, and or AACA calls of the membership.

e) Assisting Aircraft Armament war veterans hospitalized Aircraft Armament personnel, members of the Aircraft Armament Community, their dependents, and surviving spouses and/or orphans of deceased Aircraft Armament veterans.

f) Providing professional development information to members and assisting with professional networking.

g) Advocate for continued efforts and sponsorship of the CMSgt Gregory A. Kebil Memorial Scholarship Fund, and other Aircraft Armament Community related foundations and awards and recognition activities for active duty Aircraft Armament troops.

h) Perpetuating the memory of deceased Aircraft Armament Chiefs.

i) Voicing our aflnament perspectives. j) Provide additional knowledge and facts to represent the Aircraft Armament career field to the Air Armament Museum (Eglin AFB) and Enlisted Heritage Museum (Gunter AFB); and to honor those facilities that contain our historical memories.

k) Work with the Career Field Manager and School House Chief to support the School House (Sheppard AFB) by promoting the career field, conducting speeches, providing historical data and honoring our fellow, newly developed armament technicians and weapons loaders.

AACA Board of Directors

  President:  Mike Lucchesi Vice-President: Darrell Brewer Secretary:  Evan Godwin Treasurer:  Joel Paxton Director at Large:  Steve Laser Director at Large:  Mike Cannon Director at Large:  Jeff Hamburg (and Sergeant-at-Arms) Recognition Program Committee Eric McGowen Dave Kerr Jeff Hulme Mike Cannon Website Bob Sherrill Newsletter Keith Hilton AACA Store Evan Godwin

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Current AACA Members

Name (Go-by) Memb # Position Armbruster, Robert T. ( Bubba) 032 Barbee, Richard (Rick) 095 Bianchi, Randall J. (Randy) 038 Borsheim, Murray A. 028 Brandenburg, Craig 088 Brewer, Darell J. 054 Vice-President Brown, Lawrence E. (Larry) 009 Burbick, Dale J. (Dale) 008 Burns, John D. 024 Bushey, Stephen (Steve) 061 Cannon, Michael S. (Mike) 001 …

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CMSgt Chuck Jenkins, Wing Weapons Manager,  Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK, presents the AACA Outstanding Performer Recognition Certificate and Coin to TSgt Shawn Feller, 2014 PACAF Load Crew of the Year Award winner. CMSgt Chuck Jenkins, Wing Weapons Manager, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richa rdson, AK, presents the AACA Outstanding Performer Recognition Certificate and Coin to SrA Jody Fregia, 2014 PACAF Load …

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