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Below are potential Job opportunities submitted by fellow AACA Members

Fellow AACA Members,

As you can see from the email below, penned by my Deputy Chief of the Munitions Flight here at Edwards, Ricky Hamada (some of you may know Ricky and/or have worked with him before), we have civilian vacancies we need to fill.  Starting salaries are based on experience and the specific vacancy.  The 412th Maintenance Squadron is a highly diverse unit, just under 600 strong that is proud of its reputation for producing a wide range of advanced maintenance and logistics solutions in support of the nation’s national objectives.  Although we support B-1, B-2, B-52, C-17, F-16, F-22, F-35, and KC-35 aircraft which are all assigned, in addition to a host of other aircraft and weapons systems not currently assigned, I’m specifically interested in hiring Armament and Munitions personnel to support our Bomber fleet. Think none-traditional!    As Director of the squadron, I own the munitions function (traditional), Armament Shop (traditional), and an Integrated Maintenance Force comprised of Bomber Loaders who perform Armament functions and load B-1, B-2 and B-52 aircraft…all civilians (none traditional)!  While Bomber experience is preferred, we all recognize 2Ws are trainable!

If you know of people who couldn’t pass their PT, have just decided that active duty isn’t for them and/or people who separated and what they had planned fell through, my team is interested in speaking with them about their situation.   We sharpen the tip of the spear by testing and fielding the most advanced weapons systems on the face of the planet.  Plus, you Ski in the mountains and swim at the beach in the same day if so desire.

Please get the word out for me.  Again, while I can use virtually any maintainer in my unit and welcome all inquiries, I’m desperate for Munitions and Loading personnel of all stripes.   The contact number for Rick is: DSN 527-0617, or (661) 277-0617 and his email is: ricky.hamada.1@us.af.mil .  let’s employ some 2Ws!



Director, 412th Maintenance Squadron

“Maintenance Superiority”


Commercial: (661) 277-2599

DSN: 527-2599

Cell: (661) 810-8843

Fax:  (661) 277-2874

Bldg 1600 RM 109



We at Edwards AFB are having significant challenges filling our Civil

Service vacancies. I was just tasked by my Sq Director to recommend

locations that would benefit most from an AF Civil Service Recruiting Event

(locations with low keep rates/high separation rates). Civilian AMMO and

Weapons employees would brief during a TAP or Job Fair.




Deputy Flight Chief and

Munitions Accountable Systems Officer

DSN 527-0617