Employment Opportunities

Below are potential Job opportunities submitted by fellow AACA Members

Field Service Representative. (FSR)
Parts and Repair Technical Services Inc (P.A.R.T.S.) is looking for highly skilled Aviation Maintainers to join our team preforming TCTOs in Saudi Arabia.

Whether you’ve retired, separated from the military, or planning for your separation from the military, we want to discuss your future and how you can join our team at P.A.R.T.S. Inc. Our team of professionals is conducting upgrades to the F-15 and direct hands-on maintenance will be required.

Our program is in Saudi Arabia with work being performed at all the F-15 major bases. Salary is $74,000.00 annually plus a $8,000.00 bonus. The bonus is based on a $500.00 monthly accrual and only awarded at the end of the contract. Contract length is 16 months. Total compensation is $106,667.00.

Parts and Repair Technical Services, Inc. (P.A.R.T.S. Inc.) started out like many innovative businesses do – at someone’s kitchen table – back in 2003 with just a handful of employees. By embracing the international marketplace, P.A.R.T.S. Inc. has grown into a multimillion dollar with employees supplying civil and military aircraft with parts, technical training, repair asset management, and defense services to military around the globe.

Drawing on more than 50 years’ experience, P.A.R.T.S. Inc. works within U.S. State Department and Department of Defense guidelines to deliver the critical components, equipment, and personnel to our international partners which optimizes their flight readiness. We would like to talk to YOU about joining us!

Job Duties and Responsibilities
• FSRs will report to the In-Kingdom Project Manager
• FSR teams will be assigned DVR and Camera installation tasks at the designated airbase
• After all the kits have been installed, the FSRs shall work at the base as a liaison
• Preform aircraft wiring testing and signal source testing
• Provide daily project status reports to the Program Manager
• Train local personnel on the use and testing of installed kits

• High School diploma or equivalent and five to six years of related experience
• 4 years’ experience on F-15 Aircraft or similar, AFSC: 2A351A, 2A351B, 2A351C, 2A371A, 2A3X4 or equivalent
• Working knowledge of T.O.’s, maintenance manuals and IPB’s
• Previous experience working on unpowered aircraft performing electronic equipment maintenance tasks such as removing and installing LRUs in both cockpits and equipment bays
• Previous experience working on and around both ground-powered and engine-powered aircraft
• Previous training in safety procedures regarding FOD prevention
• Previous training in safety procedures regarding the proper use of hand tools and power tools
• Previous training in safety procedures regarding powered aircraft engines and RADARs

RIPR Model 2300 pdf

Contact Directly:

Michael A. Caudill
P.A.R.T.S., Inc.
Visit Us:  http://www.partsinc.net
Contact Me:  mcaudill@partsinc.net
Work: 678-325-6950  Cell: 478-550-2908
Fax:   678-325-6957